Bring your own phone. No contracts. Only pay for what you need.

Our Story

You often read stories of how college best friends launched a new company and suddenly find themselves the entrepreneural "flavor" of the week. Not us. Or they doodled an idea on a fast food napkin last year and this year they are ringing the opening bell at the stock market. Still not us.

We do have backgrounds in wireless telecommunications, marketing, and retail. More importantly, we all have families with small children and we know full well the importance of savings in this current economy. Ok that's us.

Our "ah-ha" moment came when we realized that all of us had several phones sitting in a kitchen drawer or long forgotten in a box deep in a closet. Perfectly good, previously loved cell phones that were all now "sleeping" quietly. We willingly said goodbye to them when our carrier told us that we were eligible for a free phone "upgrade".

Of course we wanted the latest, greatest wiz-bang features on our cell phones. Who could pass up an offer like that. We all happily transferred our phone number to the shiny new toy and said goodbye forever to our trusted wireless companion.

We did a little homework and found that it is estimated that there are over 1/2 billion phones in drawers all across America. Without hesitation, we set forth on this wonderful adventure we call Bring Your Own Wireless.

So you see, our "About Us" story is really all about you. With BYO Wireless, you only pay for what you need. Nothing more. It's pre-paid so there are no silly contracts to sign. No hassles. No big bill every month. It's all about saving you and your family money on the one thing you do all do every single day. Communicate.

We thank you for choosing BYO Wireless and hope that you will tell your friends, family and co-workers all about us. They already own the phones.