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BYO Wireless is the nation's premier online "Bring Your Own Phone" prepaid phone service. BYO Wireless can activate most phones in just minutes, with no silly contracts, no bills, no activation fees and no hassles. makes it easy and affordable to bring your unlocked phone, pick a plan that works for you and use it on the same great networks you know and love. So take a phone that you already own and turn it on today with BYO Wireless!
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You’re finally ready to get that prepaid phone plan for your teenager. They’ve convinced you this will improve your life, and theirs. With Christmas just around the corner, it’s time to bring your own phone to BYO Wireless and activate it for as little as $5 each month.


Now that you’re all excited about the no contract cell phone plan you’ve just decided on for your teenager, there’s just two things left to do. First, select the plan you want to purchase (be sure to select to be billed monthly so you don’t forget and have no minutes or texts for next month). Then, enter your phone’s information here on our website and BOOM. Best. Christmas. Gift. Ever. That’s it. Welcome to the BYO Wireless family, we’re happy to have you!


If you have any questions, click around our website or get in touch with us on Facebook and Twitter.


To see how easy it is to find your phone's ID number for activation, visit our News page for an instructional video.

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OMG! How easy was that! My mother-in-law needed a cell phone-but not with all the bells and whistles. Thanks! Jennifer G.
This is great – my son can have his own phone and I don't have to buy a new one. Don S.
My husband said it would be "stupid-proof"--and he was right, he was able to do it! Who knew this old phone would be anything more than a paper weight? - Sue B
Went the lake this weekend and BYO Wireless saved me! After losing my smartphone in the lake last year, I didn’t want to risk it again. I activated my old phone in about 5 minutes, forwarded my calls using *72 and kept it on the jet ski and boat all weekend! Best of all, my BYOW phone had perfect reception when all the other phones got nothing! What an incredible service!” – Chris T
I found myself without a phone (long story) and needed something quick. I had another phone that had been lying around for over a year, logged on to the site and in five minutes or so it was working again. Activating was crazy easy. Awesome concept!